Four Generations of Art

Joan Wren

Daughter of Helma Rohloff. Joan enjoys creating jewelry.  She became interested after helping her granddaughter make a bracelet and earrings.  Is a member of Tsuga Gallery. Also creates jewelry for local fundraising events and for friends and family.

Helma Rohloff

The matriarch of the family and key to the family's artistic heritage was Helma, an energetic,  effervescent woman, who grew up on a farm in Iowa. She did everything from milk cows to running her own beauty shop. After retiring she took lessons from an artist in Arizona and painted until it became too difficult to hold a brush due to arthritis.

Debbie Thoma

Daughter of Joan and granddaughter of Helma is Debbie. "I watched my grandma start painting in her 60's and mom creating jewelry in her 50's. They are my role models and I have been teaching art because of them. " Debbie loves Suma ink painting having studied over 3 years with well-known artist Lois Yoshida.

"Our DNA and Family Heritage give each of us Individual Qualities."

Rohloff-Wren-Thoma Clan has a family DNA with an artistic gene that runs through multiple generations. Local jewelry designer Joan Wren and her family will be featured in an upcoming exhibit where you'll see paintings ranging from landscapes to Sumi ink design to abstract works as well as jewelry pieces inspired by these paintings.  The show will run from October 27 through November 18, 2018

Brian Thoma

Debbie's son Brian is anothr artist in the family line.He is a self-taught artist who enjoys creating abstract paintings using acrylic flow painting techniques and his own graffiti style. "I start a painting and see where it goes. Every painting is a new experience."

October 27th Opening

"Four Generations of Art" at Tsuga Gallery with reception from 4-7pm with refreshments and an opportunity to meet and speak with Joan, Debbie and Brian.