Featured Artist


Featured Artist for February & March

Becky Ledtke - Working from her home in a quiet valley in Skamokawa, Washington.  Becky creates her Heavy Stone Jewelry. Necklaces comprised of Tiger Eye, Hematite, and African jade, show off the earthy tones of those gemstones.  Earrings with crystals and gemstones offer up a flair of color.

She has collected and studied rocks as a hobby for years until 2003, when she decided to start designing jewelry around  the beautiful rocks she had collected. Her goal was wearable art. Starting with stones that provided a flash of bright, beautiful color like Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst, she soon added more materials to their list. Carefully selected gemstones, wood, bone and crystals provided a full compliment to her designs. Her favorite pieces are made with the earth tones that remind her of the valley she lives in.

She feels like her goal has been achieved if a piece of her jewelry brings happiness to someone.  Her jewelry is available on-line at "Heavy Stone Jewelry" a Facebook page, at Tsuga Gallery and during the summer months at the Astoria Sunday Market.

Her jewelry will be showcased at Tsuga Gallery during February and March. Tsuga Gallery will be hosting a pre St Patricks Day, Featured Artist celebration on Friday, March 15th 5-7pm.